Nissan LEAF 2019

The one that was born as a global benchmark for an electric car that can use on a day-to-day basis is already in its second generation and is facing very tough competition in Mexico and other markets. Analysis of the Nissan LEAF and what it has to offer.

1. Only what is necessary

Although 147 horses are more than before, and 236 foot-pounds remain a serious advantage in comparison to a combustion engine of similar power. The LEAF does not balance both performance and efficiency, as it can happen in a Chevrolet Bolt that has even more torque (266 lb-ft), 200 horses, and a range of almost 400 km. Anyway, the range of 240 kilometers that allows your battery 40 kWh in the standard variant is more than enough for routine use in the city and some roadside break. Just don’t expect me to deliver the same from rivals who have known how to evolve and propose with more boldness.

2. Standard size

With 4.5 meters long, 1.8 wide and a wheelbase of 270 centimeters, the LEAF fits perfectly in the C segment of European hatchbacks. One of its most important markets being one of the best-selling types of vehicles in the Old Continent. And one of the most versatile formulas for its good compromise between a size that is not bulky for use on narrow streets, good road stability, and a space that is enough for a small family.

Nissan LEAF 2019

3. Simplified

As seen in other electric vehicles (not all), investment in a more expensive mechanical assembly means savings in other areas. That is why the interior quality of the LEAF sins of very simple in its finishes and even in its ergonomics does not feel like a car of its price because that paid in technology and not necessarily in amenities. Thus, the seats are not very anatomical and, in fact, do not even have a steering wheel that adjusts in-depth, so the driving position is not the most modern nor suitable for an extensive journey.

4. but refined

By nature being an electric, silence on board is one of the virtues of

5. Not so much reach

Citing electric of later appearance to the first LEAF that now competes with the second generation for sale. It is inevitable to compare their autonomy data: a Chevrolet Bolt officially declares 383 kilometers, and a Kia Soul EV in its Long Range derivation rises to 452 km. In any case, it is much more than the 240 km of the Nissan, and for those who prefer to load less frequently or do more kilometers in their routine, a disadvantage in the distance that these cars can cover with a full load is decisive.

Nissan LEAF 2019

6. More accessible

Of course, the LEAF is less powerful, with less range and not so elaborate inside, but it also starts more than 100,000 pesos below the Bolt at 697,500 pesos. From Soul EV, we still cannot say a price as its local sale evaluated. One for others: you get less because you also pay less.

7. Online

A particularity of the LEAF with 9140 led bulb, they wanted to reflect their target audience is the possibility of acquiring it through an internet site in addition to the traditional method of looking for it at an agency. In, one could set up his car in terms of color and equipment and even order it to be brought directly to our home. It seems that we are at a time when you buy a car without even seeing it, but it is still an interesting alternative.