Nissan Ariya Concept

The Japanese brand has presented this fully electric conceptual model that will hit the market in 2021, and that will equip the PRO Pilot 2.0 system.

The Nissan Ariya has presented as a concept intended to be produced for the US market, although the Japanese brand does not rule out being able to offer it in other markets as well. Maybe also in the Spanish market, so we can get used to its silhouette in the case when it enters production it arrives in our country. The presentation has brought us several images of the model, although, from the brand, we still reserve data to release them later.


Nissan wants to turn around the design of its models with this model, which mainly based on the Nissan IMx concept that it presented at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show. What they have said from the brand is that it “ signals a new era ” for Nissan and that this « embarks to redefine its brand philosophy for the next evolutionary phase of the automobile.

Nissan Ariya Concept

Inspired by the design of the one shown last year at the same event, we can see that the Nissan Ariya Concept boasts a black-colored front grille that, normally, we would see in an internal combustion car. The vehicle rolls on a set of 21-inch aluminum wheels and also shows a rather different rear to traditional SUVs, partly thanks to a markedly inclined C-pillars.
The first thing that stands out from the outside is the closed grill, which replaces the traditional grill that a vehicle with a combustion engine usually carries and in which the company logo located. The front lights are h8 led bulb, and the roof tilts backward, as presented by the IMx concept of 2017. The tires are 21 inches, and in the images, we can see that although it is a design evolution, it is still a Nissan.

Inside there is a flat floor, seats of thin structure, and, in general, an appearance similar to other electric prototypes, with a minimalistic dashboard and touch controls. There are hardly any traditional controls, such as the start button. The leather seats integrate copper, which shows through its perforations that complement the exterior accents, and there are also touches of aluminum in satin copper in other parts of the cabin.

Nissan Ariya Concept

The Nissan Ariya will have the PRO Pilot 2.0 driving assistance system, which will make driving much easier thanks to the technological equipment available to the model. The production version should arrive in 2021, to keep company with the new Nissan Qashqai, the company’s best-selling SUV and with which it will share some of the technical characteristics.

The Nissan Ariya Concept also shows the latest driving assistance features of the brand. One of them is ProPilot 2.0, which allows a vehicle to travel only along selected highways in Japan, depending on sensors and cameras, as well as very detailed maps to guide it and a remote parking function. This result allows the driver to use a mobile device to park the car without needing to be behind the wheel.