Nissan Versa 2020

The new generation of the best-selling car in our country arrives this year, and these are the seven most frequently asked questions we receive from the new Versa 2020.

Nissan will present the new Versa 2020 in the second half of this year, although with a very different approach from the current one. The new Versa 2020 will be a more mature and competitive product that will fight in a niche market unknown to Nissan.

Who is he competing against now?

The new Nissan Versa 2020 will rival cars in a niche market superior to the current one, although we have it in the access of the range, less than 200 thousand pesos, and in front of cars such as the Volkswagen Vento or Chevrolet Aveo. The new generation will take a step forward in materials, equipment, safety, engine, h3 led bulb low beam and prices to get in front of more sophisticated cars, such as the Kia Rio, Hyundai Accent, or Mazda2 Sedan. Those are the rivals to beat the new Versa.

Nissan Versa 2020

What engine will it have?

It is an evolution of the propeller that has the current model and still has four cylinders and 1.6 liters of displacement, without a compressor. However, adopting the same improvements that this engine had in the Nissan Kicks, will be more efficient because the pistons generate less friction when moving and can deliver at least the same 118 hp of the Kicks.

The new Versa will finally leave behind the old automatic transmission of four relationships to give way to a more modern and efficient continuously variable. We are not fans of these types of units because they disconnect the driver from experience and are not very refined, but in an efficient and accessible urban sedan, they make sense.

Will it still be called Versa?

Possibly not. Although in the United States it will replace the model that currently marketed, Mexico is a very different market, which continues to value the last generation for being an easy to maintain and very accessible car, something that the new one will not be so much.

In this way, everything indicates that the new Versa will market alongside the last generation in the Aztec territory with a different name. Sunny? We will know later.

Is equipment worthy of a 300 thousand peso car?

We do not know exactly how it will specify for our country, but we do know that many of the things it will offer in the US market could come in the top-of-the-range versions of our market.

At the outset, you can have a digital instrument panel such as the Kicks and a touch screen much more modern and intuitive than the current one with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay interfaces. And other interesting attributes for a car in that segment are the front seats heated, electronic climate control, and smart key with button start.

And security?

The representatives of the brand informed us at the presentation in the New York Hall that this section, the new Versa, was going to leave us surprised.

To comply with what their rivals offer, they would have to have six airbags and stability control. Still, we know that in the United States, all versions will go with driving assistance worthy of higher segments such as autonomous emergency braking with pedestrian detection, braking automatic when going back, and lane abandonment alert.

Also, it can optionally equip with blind-spot and subsequent cross-traffic alert, fatigue alert, and smart cruise control.

If you arrive with those assists even in certain versions and the six airbags with stability control throughout the range, we will be very surprised.

Nissan Versa 2020

When does the new Versa 2020 arrive in our country?

The brand has already confirmed it, and we will surely see it for the last quarter of the year, in October or November.


They are only speculations based on what we know, but we assume that for the segment in which it will compete and for the equipment it promises, we would have entry versions for 250 thousand pesos and up to 320 thousand at the top of the range.

Will it still be done in Mexico?

Yes, the unit that exposed in the New York Hall had a VIN that started with ‘3N’, which corresponds to Nissan in any of its plants. Everything seems to indicate that Aguascalientes 1 will be the chosen one.