I’m going to try convert the factory beams to the hid projector beams headlight. I got some kind of Aladeen daylight and I am going to run out of my daylight to retrofit it.

The first step take off the grill, screw out the nuts to pop off the grill. Take out four screws rolls off and second and have full show machine screws and then stainless steel ring comes off.

I took out the wiring harnesses out of the marker lights. That have a place attacked in these LEDs for the park lights, I just solder them directly into those wires. I can make the headlights removable is this peak temperature pain which I tap into the wires and I don’t want to steal power from the headlight bulbs. I don’t want to come on with a headlight so I could have tapped into wires. This is a replaceable item so there we go the wires weren’t very long, just plug in the park lights look at the headlight and what should be done.

These things do not fit very well I think its class is bigger than the stock last so they stainless steel trim I hold it in doesn’t fit, it’s really tight I don’t think I would like to shave down the glass.

That’s my finished installation, I got it tapped into the park light. These little LED things and there’s the projection bulb. I had a hard time getting the length to fit they don’t fit in the stock metal retainers. So I had to trim out like a millimeter off the whole length of the bottom to get it to fit, the other side it looks pretty good.

We’re installed and the projection lights, this is like the marker lights version. The other reason I wanted to get rid of these old steel beam technology was I wanted to have replaceable bulbs instead of a steel beam bulb. I got upgrade these to some kind of Eddy bulbs, I think we’re pretty cool bulbs.