Today we got this 2017 Nissan Versa Note, and we’re going to replace the stock halogen 9007 bulbs on this vehicle. Now before replacement, let me show you how the original headlight light beam looks, this bulb has the function of a low and high beam. Here I show you the low beam, so you can get an idea of how the pattern should look once I’m done with it. Then we’ll get that started, I show you how to install it, and show you the end results.

Alright so once you got your hood open, you got it locked up. To get to the original halogen bulb, it’s very simple. First, you want to disconnect the electric bolt.

So just listen, and next what you’re gonna do is to remove the OEM lock ring by twisting it off counterclockwise to remove it.

And put it to the side, then simply pull your bulb out. Once you pop it out, you will put these to the side, and get your new bulbs. On this vehicle, we will install the 9007 led bulbs headlight conversion kit.

Before putting the 9007 led bulb in, you need to make sure you put your lock back on. Don’t try to force it, once it locked, you can literally try to flow on it, and it shouldn’t come out, you got it right.

At this point, back again to the light, make sure that you have it like this, we’re putting it in, and it should be good right there.

You should be able to see it from the front now. and you can see that the bulb has locked. You got a setup correctly, you can see the slope is going downwards as well. if I can get it to focus.

Next, I’m going to connect the driver, it’s just pretty simple, there are little guides is to be one here and one on the actual bulb, so just make sure these two arrows are lining up. When you connect, just tighten up the little locking screw or cap whatever that is and you should be good.

So, you can do the same procedure as we did on the other side to replace another headlight bulb.

okay, there you go, now we are going to turn on the headlight and test the light beam pattern. Regarding to this 9007 led headlight bulb, it gets you more light on the ground compared to the original halogen, you will get benefit more because you’ll be getting more light on the actual street when you’re driving. You will be able to see the actual street more than the actual.

Besides, you can see the hot spots are pretty high as well. That means you have your high beam to get more of focus light. You can see how it spreads out pretty well.

This is the tutorial to show you how to change the 2017 Nissan Versa Note headlight bulb.  On the next post, we will give a tutorial to replace the turn signal light as it sucks as well.