Today we’re going to be working on a Nissan Versa, and we will change that the speakers, this vehicle still has a factory speakers radio, but it sucks, they’re blown out, so what we will do is to change them out. This is going to be a step to step tutorial on how to take off the door panels and replace the speakers. Briefly said, it is not very difficult. It depends on your practical ability. I take 30 minutes to make it done. For the newbie, you may take around 2 hours.


Tools / equipment needed:

  • Flat screwdriver,
  • Phillips screwdriver,
  • cutting pliers,
  • wire stripper,
  • wrench of 10


Step 1: Handle

To begin, you must remove the plastic cover at the bottom of the handle with a flat screwdriver to access the screw. The unscrewed.


Step 2: Window lift control.

Then, remove the window lift control. To do this, you must lever with a flat screwdriver at the red arrow and pull up to take it out. Once outside, unplug the 2 outlets.


Step 3: Handle contour

Then, remove the silver hubcap around the handle. This moment is delicate because it is necessary to pass a screwdriver flat at the level of the red arrows, to be able to debut it and to leave it.


Step 4: Tweeter Platinum.

Now, to remove the turntable or the tweeter, you have to pull yourself, at the red arrow, and then unplug it.


Step 5: Door panel

We are ready to remove the door panel. For this, you must pass a flat screwdriver delicacy in the panel and the bodywork to spread to pass the fingers and pull the pad towards you to unclip. In red on the 3rd picture, the fixing points of the panel.


Step 6: Disassembly and assembly hp.

To remove the loudspeaker, unplug the plug and unscrew the 3 screws with a key of 10.

To mount the new HP, you need a spacer. Available on the net or in store. To isolate vibrations on the sheet, I have a foam seal all around.

Then you have to pass the cable in the sheet metal, so I cut the plug to pass the cables in the hole that is surrounded in red and reconnect with a domino, then isolated with adhesive (This is temporary, it will weld + thermo sheath for a better finish)

We fix the loudspeaker on its spacer, the cable with manufacturer socket (found on the net also), we connect to the socket of the beam and we fix everything with the 3 screws of 10.


To reassemble the panel, repeat the procedure in reverse of the disassembly!