change oil and filter

With the passing of the kilometers, it is usual for the car to ask us for an oil change around 15,000 kilometers, less the long-life that its lubrication life rises much more.

The oil is necessary for the proper functioning of the engine assembly, the oil is also responsible for keeping the parts well lubricated, apart from the oil is also responsible for transporting heat, which together with the coolant decreases the temperature of the parts.

We must choose a good liquid for our car as it will reduce engine friction and extend the life of the same.

change oil and filter

How do we change the oil?

Well, let’s go to it:

1st We must remove the old oil, previously removing the screw from the crankcase, it is advisable to do it with the cold engine to avoid burns.

We will leave it for a while until no more oil comes out and with the cap open at the top.

2nd We will remove the oil filter, according to the manufacturer, we must replace it around 15,000km.

There are several cartridge filtering systems or the screw filter with metal housing.

1.4 and 1.6 gasoline engine oil filter for PSA Saxo and 106

change oil and filter

The cartridge filtering is mounted by new cars because it is more effective and cleaner, we must unscrew the housing where it located, and the cartridge will come out, we introduce the new one, and we screw it again as it was.

In normal oil filters, we must unscrew it using a tool that presses against the filter and causes us to slowly release until it left in our hand, replace with the new one, screw and ready.

A tool to remove the oil filter on models that incorporate a threaded filter

change oil and filter

3rd Closure of the crankcase and filling: we will close the crankcase with the screw that we remove from the bottom, and fill with new oil, we will use the cove to show the level that should be around the maximum, but that does not pass from it.

Filling the carter with oil from a vehicle

4th Check: with the cove, we will take out several times to see the level and, if necessary, fill up to near the maximum.

It usually lowers the oil level when it has a good time since it has to fill the oil filter.