air conditioning

The air conditioning is today a comfort system, mounted on the new series vehicles since, in previous times, it was a Premium accessory. With cooling, what we want is to absorb the heat from the passenger compartment, transport it and expel it outside.

A closed system forms the circuit, a refrigerant fluid circulates inside it, which is responsible for transporting said heat.

air conditioning

For the production of cold we have to talk about 4 phases:

1st Compression:

The first thing to create cold is to increase the pressure and cause the movement of the fluid. The performance of a compressor causes this movement.

air conditioning

2nd Condensation:

In this phase, the refrigerant fluid almost completely transformed into a liquid and take to the filter. It becomes a liquid; it passes through an area below the temperature of the refrigerant that is usually the ambient air.

3rd Filtering:

The refrigerant fluid is in a liquid state and passes through the filter to remove impurities and moisture.

4th Expansion:

To expand the fluid, we need to cause a variation in its pressure. This result achieved by causing a throttling in the circuit, producing a variation in the pressure with this decrease. The boiling point causes good evaporation to decrease.

5th Evaporation:

For the Evaporation of the fluid, it must pass through an area that has a higher temperature than cooling. In this phase, there is an important absorption of heat by the fluid, thus achieving air cooling.

The cycle starts again.

air conditioning

Maintenance advises and good use of the air conditioning of our vehicle:

-Check and change the cabin filter that is responsible for filtering the particles and enter as clean as possible in the cabin.

-Keep the car on for a while before operating the air conditioner.

-If the vehicle interior heat is excessive, it is better to open and let it ventilate for a while to match the temperatures and then start the car. After a while, start the air conditioner, so it will cool much faster.

– After use leaves a little on a fan that provides air to the cabin, to avoid unwanted odors, as the ducts get wet and bacteria can create.

-If we notice a low cooling capacity, it is necessary to recharge the cooling system of our vehicle.

-If there is an odor, we must use a product to eliminate bacteria from our system or take it to a professional.

liquid remove odor ac

-The ideal temperature of the air conditioner is around 21-22.5 degrees.