With the passage of time and the kilometers that our vehicles accumulate, its appearance can deteriorate.

On this occasion, we bring you the five things we can do to get our cars a few years off.

One of the parts that suffer the most of the passage of time are the plastics, the UVA rays the change of temperatures, make these parts of the car suffered a lot with time, and their aesthetics can be affected.

For this we must use specific products for plastics to return their naturalness with the one that left the factory, there are many products or tricks for it, you can take a look at the section how to renew plastics and rubber, there you will find everything you need.

Other of the parts that are most often sacrificed from the car even if it completely neglected is the part of the doors. It is where the vehicle made and the first contact with the vehicle, for this, it is necessary to renew the tires that are damaged or nourish gums that do not have their original backing.

We can also take advantage and clean all the frames of the stains and polish if we have many scratches in the lower part of the car frame.

The upholstery of the car, after entering the car is what we usually notice, a dirty upholstery with abuse affects the aesthetics of the vehicle as a whole, what we advise is a cleaning either at home or in specialized places.

The change of the old license plates for new ones also improves the appearance of the car by taking it off for a long time; you can opt for conventional metal license plates or the newest methacrylate license plates.


A polish of the car paint is necessary if the products necessary for the protection of the bodywork have not used. If we notice that the color of our car is off or there are many scratches it is necessary to consider a polish and a good waxing later.

The part of the body that usually suffers are the defenses; the aesthetic effect of them grated also makes the whole car down in their appearance. For this, if we have them with scratches we can paint them.

It is necessary to know that the spotlights of cars eventually become opaque media, they need a polish to restore their original radiance.

With these tips, we will take many years off our car either to enjoy it again or because we are thinking of selling it.