car battery

Car batteries mainly used to start the engine. The battery performs the hardest work of the entire electrical installation since it has to supply high currents in a very short period and is subject to extreme temperatures.

What is the battery? How does it work?

It is a warehouse capable of transforming the electrical energy that it receives from the generator into electrochemical energy and storing it inside, too, subsequently, when required, perform the opposite process. Ingenious right?

The batteries formed by an outer shell made of hard plastic, which contains lead plates inside, these plates can be positive and negative, the corrosive liquid (battery acid) is the electrolyte, formed by 36% sulfuric acid and 64% distilled water.

car battery

The batteries come from the factory charged when discharged; the battery produces relations that trigger lead sulfate (PbS04). When charged by a current generator (alternator), it passes from sulfate to lead peroxide the positive and lead plate on the negative plate.

The batteries are formed by two poles the positive (+), and the negative (-), the positive in cars has a voltage of 12V.

Depending on the type of car we will need one type or another of a battery, with a specific ampere-hour, to say that diesel cars need more starting power than gasoline and the older the cars, the more power they need, especially in diesel.

Also, comment on new cars includes many technological devices, such as on-board navigators and air conditioners. In addition to Star-Stop, which wears faster and makes batteries last less, in this section, the manufacturers had to adapt to the new demands creating specific batteries for these vehicles.

car battery

Types of batteries

– Conventional: those previously mentioned can be maintenance-free or with maintenance this What does it mean? Those that have to be maintained should check and refilled when necessary, the glasses with distilled water.

– Gel: usually, they are more expensive, but in less space, you have more power, and durability is greater.

car battery

These gel batteries often used in music equipment, as well as in the additional batteries in caravans and Rally cars. For safety, they grant and for space issues.

The gel batteries are under pressure and sealed, with some vents that should not handle, thus being maintenance-free.

These batteries must charge around 13.8V and 14.1V, many of the generators charge more and cause the durability to fall, so we must calibrate the regulator.

The power cycles are higher without suffering so much and guarantee a start at first.