car seat

With time, the fibers of our car seats wear out, and for those who use the car daily, it makes us uncomfortable since part of the day we throw it sitting in the seat, and this can make us hurt our backs.

Today we want to share this simple arrangement of a seat that we have returned home comfort for quite some time.

Tools and materials:





The price of fiber and foam was 4.5 euros.

car seat

Well then let’s get to it:

1, The first thing we have to do is uncover the outer fabric of the seat normally comes from the bottom up, taking out small staples at the bottom of the seat other types of seats come out with a zipper, in all cases it is usually easy to remove.

2, We check the system that makes up the backrest springs, wires, which are in good condition, usually carry some springs in our case one of them from the right wall was out which caused a sinking in the seat. We place it in the original position and take out the iron that holds the fibers and will subsequently endure what we put on.

car seat

3, We proceed to put the foam that we can acquire in any establishment of Scraps or household items. We cut it and give it a small shape to fit.

4, We have also decided to put a little fiber so that it is as subject as possible.

5, We put the fiber and foam and imprison it with iron (from point 2) so that it is held and does not escape. Apart from putting some cardboard and some flanges for more security, the cardboard is so that it does not rub the area and wear and ends up breaking.

car seat

6, We reassemble the seat, and we will only have to give the shape to the outer fabric since by increasing the thickness, we will be a little out of place, but after adjusting, it will be ready to use, and we will check that the comfort that it provides us.