braking system

The braking system of our car is the one that makes the car brake, when we need to stop, by operating the brake pedal.

Over time this system undergoes temperature variations and is also exposed to many external agents such as cold and heat. Also, it is a moving part of the car as they turn with the steering.

Today we bring you the fastest and easiest way to check the general state of the braking system of our vehicle at the front of it:

braking system

First of all, what we have to look at is the thickness of the discs: they should not have many edges at the top, nor should the metal from which made it crack, (this means that the brake discs are in poor condition) You should not rate the car when braking as this may mean that the discs are bent (not visible to the naked eye).

Then we look at the thickness of the brake pads. There should be a minimum thickness of Ferodo between the pad and the brake disc.

Then we go to the brake hose: it is one of the parts that can suffer the most since they withstand pressures, warming and can lose brake fluid, (we see that it does not lose brake fluid and if the material did not crack).

braking system

And finally, we are going to look at the pump: it is responsible for boosting the liquid through the pressure we exert on the pedal. In the pump is the glass where we will pour the brake fluid. It should be noted that there are no leaks and that there is no apparent deterioration. We must also identify the connections of the entire circuit and see that they are not bad.