It’s a 2017Nissan Versa note SB and I am gonna be doing its signals today. You can get an idea of how the halogens look and now I’m gonna show you how to replace them

On this vehicle is very easy to locate the actual turn signals, they’re just right there

Pull out the bulb to pick it, that’s the bulb in the car, the model number on it’s at 34 57 which is actually at 3157 as well. This is a standard socket

Switch back the led bulb, it is quite east to play and plug. Put him in the correct side or also have one light up

Plugged it in and make sure if they’ll light up or not. Activate the emergency lights and then see if it worked. If it’s not lighting up, you got to do is to take it out flip it over reconnect it and there you go. After the checking, put it back into the socket and continue to the other side.

It just makes sure you line it incorrectly and that it’s contacting the actual pins and then slide it in. Because if what you were seeing right now is that kind of got it sideways, so it wasn’t letting me push it in. But I was making contact, so once you tie it up correctly, it’ll pop in, it’ll click and you know it’s locked in place.

Put the bolt back in and have a lock tool will reset the counter again the actual light. Switch it’s time

Turn signal function and show how that works. It’s a big noticeable difference

If you guys have any questions or concerns please let me know again. If interested let me know and thank you for reading.